DELTA 9659T-AR-DST Trinsic Pro Kitchen Faucet Reviews

Product Overview:

The Delta 9659T-AR-DST kitchen faucet has an elegant yet modern design and features a high arc spout that can swivel at the tap of your finger. The single handle allows you to control the water flow with ease while the ceramic disc cartridge provides drip free operation. This includes both a finish drain assembly and supply lines.

DELTA 9659T-AR-DST Trinsic Pro:

Delta continues its tradition of innovation in this new style of touchless kitchen faucets by adding their patented Touch2O sensor technology which detects when your hands or forearm touch faucet. This kitchen faucet is called a “Touchless Kitchen Faucet” but it’s not completely hands-free since there are still sensors that need to be touched.

Delta 9659T-AR-DST trinsic pro
Delta 9659T-AR-DST trinsic pro


  • Touch2O technology
  • Last 2x longer
  • Easy to clean
  • Battery operated

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The DELTA 9659T-AR has a unique look and feel. It is something different than the standard looks we see in most faucets including the more expensive brands of high quality. This model comes up with variety of finishes like Arctic Stainless, Black Stainless, Chrome etc. The Zinc material is solid and sturdy but it isn’t as unique to use the touch technology on this tap yet. Touch sensors are becoming a common feature in many modern taps, even in cheaper models, so there is not always that extra “wow factor” from using touch technology here either (although you will only know when you really need touch technology!).

The Delta 9659T-AR-DST pulls out quickly, smoothly and easily with just a light touch. It is very easy to install too, even without any special tools. We loved this feature and found it very easy to transition from the traditional tap position into cleaning up after cooking. The Touch2O function on this tap is great and we especially liked it for filling up pots with water. Also very satisfied with water pressure 1.8 gallons per minutes.

When making our purchase, Amazon displayed a selection of customer reviews for us to review before confirming the order. We found these reviews very useful and once again when installing the fixture into our sink; they were really helpful in guiding us through the entire process. They also provided information on how to return if necessary which was great as well!

Product Details:

Item model : DELTA 9659T-AR-DST Trinsic Pro
Item weight : 7.85 pounds
Material : ‚ÄéZinc
Finish : Arctic Stainless, Black Stainless, Chrome
Installation Method : Deck Mounted
Flow Rate : 1.8 Gallons Per Minute
Number Of Holes : 1
Spout Height : 19.5 Inches
Spout Reach : 9.5 Inches
Batteries : 6 AA batteries required.
Warranty: Limited Lifetime.

I think it deserves a bit of the high price. It is extremely well made and we are sure this kitchen will not only last forever but look great for years to come. it has 1.8 gpm water pressure but If you want a lot more water pressure or control on the side, take a look at other models that may offer more options.

Would You Recommend? Yes! To anyone looking for an easy to use and modern looking kitchen faucet, we would recommend this one.

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